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Another day and another beef to report! We know 50 Cent gets SAVAGE but we still love him! Just stay out his way or he will make a fool of you on social media and the ”50 lovers” will drag you too lol. I’m one of them🤷🏽‍♀️. Curtis holds the crown for pettiness but it’s something we have learned to love about him. Remember when he bought out the first several rows at Ja Rule’s concert so he would see nobody while he was performing? Yes Curtis did that😂

Now statements were made about the most recent Super bowl performance. Apparently 50 Cent was not invited to do a Super Bowl performance but Eminem said the only way he would perform was if 50 performed. Somethings were said by Jay Z since he runs it all. It came back to 50 Cent and now 50 is saying Jay Z looks like a “gay painter”

There you have it, now there is a beef. We will keep you updated on the pettinest that’s sure to come! 💋


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