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Bow Wow Is Reportedly Planning To Pull Out Of So So Def Tour And Gives Away Money Through Cash APP!

Shad "Bow Wow"Moss appears to be going through somethings. Recently Bow Wow

posted a picture of him and his girlfriend and someone threw shade and posted a video of him with another female at a club. Bow Wow went on a rant and called her every name in the book. He reportedly snapped and said he was dropping out of the SoSo Death tour, then he went on to say he was leaving the rap industry all together and going to work at GameStop. Later Bow Wow start giving away money away on cash app. He said take the money and see if it keeps you happy. Now we only know of one person so far that has come forward to say he received $500 from Bow Wow. Lets see how many more come out with cash app deposits. Lets seriously pray for Bow Wow. It seems like he is turning away people close to him that are trying to help, We will keep you up to date on this story.


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