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Can You Believe Morgan Freeman Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault??

According to CNN eight women have come forward and more are expected. Allegations go as far back as 1996. One accuser said on the set of Going In Style he would touch her and make unwanted comments. Another women said on the set of Now You See Me Morgan Freeman sexually harassed her assistant multiple times. Sources say everyone knew about Morgan Freeman in Hollywood. Women knew not to wear anything low cut, short or tight because he would act inappropriate. The women all said they feared if they told they would loose their job. There are also reports that Morgan Freeman had an affair with his step granddaughter. Interesting right?. Morgan Freeman said that the allegations are false and that the only thing he does is make jokes and compliment people on set to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Guess who the woman have hired. You already know its Gloria Alfred the same one that took Cosby down and currently taking Weinstein down. We will keep our eye on this situation and keep you updated.


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