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Cardi B Had To Cancel The Bruno Mars Tour! We Know She Is About Her Shmoney So Find Out Why.

We love Cardi and we love Bruno, so who could be the perfect replacement? Cardi B is the hottest ticket right now. We totally understand Cardi B because she has mommy duties and this is her first child, so this is all new to her. Cardi B is a hustler and she's about her shmoney but she probably thought let me have the baby and jump on the road but now she understands a new born baby is a huge responsibility. Cardi is calling her daughter the BOSS. She wants what she wants when she wants it. We cant wait to see pics of baby Kulture.

Now there are some issues that have come up. Bruno is having a hard time replacing her and dancers where hired and outfits have been made. Wardrobe was complete and a lot of plans were almost completed. We definitely cant blame Cardi B though when she has mommy duties and Bruno understands and supports her. She putting family and her body first. Congrats again #CardiB and #Offset. We are sooooo happy for you. For everyone else we will keep you up to date on the tour status.


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