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Dr Greg From Married To Medicine Took A Women From The Club Back To A Hotel!

What the heck was he thinking? Well Dr Greg had a night on the town. Sources say he and a male friend partied at an ATL Lounge and met two ladies. The convo was great, everyone was vibing, and EVERYONE said they were single. One problem Dr Greg is married and hes on the Tv Show Married to Medicine. Sources say after leaving the Atlanta Lounge they decided to have a night cap at the Hyatt. First off a married man should never take a woman other than his wife to a hotel but we will leave it at that. Apparently things became hot and heavy between Dr Greg and this young women and he freaked out, became scared and left. He told the woman she could stay in the room but he was leaving, The next day as the women checked out she saw the full name of the man that brought her to the hotel. She googled his name and realized who he was. She allegedly tried to get $15,000 from him to keep the story secret but he decided not to pay and tell his wife the truth. Does he get a pass since he didn't actually sleep with her or no?


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