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These companies need to leave Drake alone before their businesses lose a lot of money. Drake says he has been racially profiled for a second time. This time he says it happened at a Vancouver Casino. According to Drake the Parq Casino refused to allow him to gamble even though he presented all the information they asked for when he made a tour stop in the city. Drake went to Instagram to tell fans about it and we didn’t take it to well lol. Drake fans urged other fans to share negative reviews on Google for Parq Casino. Drake made a similar accusation in April of 2017.He alleged that the country club in Coachella Valley the Madison Club in Quinta racially profiled him, so you can guess what happened next. Drake fans flooded their Yelp page. Drake said this was the most offensive place he ever stayed in his life. He said the staff picked and chose who they would cater to. You all better leave Drake alone! His fans love him and will trash your company if you mess with him. Don’t say we didn’t warn you?


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