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Drake opens up about his side of the Kanye/Pusha T drama on LeBron’s show ‘The Shop’. Drake says he was in the studio working on his album that was 60% done. This album was known as the mysterious project. Drake and Kanye connected in the studio and Drake says Ye pressured him into opening up about the album. Drake assumed he had good intentions because he sold him the whole speech like “I’m in a great place, I’m making money, I’m a father and I want to be Quincy jones and help you but in order for me to do that you have to be transparent with me”. Drake says he then went on to say “You gotta play me your music and you have to tell me when you are dropping it and I know you don’t like to do things like that” . So, they were in the studio and Drake said he felt a genuine vibe. Drake played the music and told when he was dropping it. Drake took it as he and Ye were cool. Drake was unaware that Kanye was working on an album too. Kanye then plays “Lift Yourself” and was like “Yo you can have it “Drake was excited, and he start writing to it. Then Ye said come to Wyoming with me. Drake said cool. Producer Noah “40” Shebib went to Wyoming a day early. Something wasn’t right. 40 said this dude is working on an album referring to Kanye. Drake didn’t know he was working on an album. 40 said Ye’s album is dropping in October or November. Drake said cool let’s see what Ye is about. Drake said the whole time they just worked on Ye’s album. They were trying to cook up ideas for Ye. While they were in Wyoming Drake played “March 14” and showed him a pick of his son with his sons’ mother and said they were having trouble. Drake says the day after he shared it all he woke up to details about their conversation on the internet. Drake says the next day he woke up again and Kanye had text him “I love you brother”. Drake start to think Ye was a little shady. Drake felt manipulated and said let me distance myself.

Next the album drops, and it was a diss track that Ye produced about Drake. The song talked about Drakes writing and Drake was like hold up dude I was just with you helping you now you are dissing me? That brings us to the beef. Drake came back with “Duppy Style” and Pusha T hit back with “The Story Of Adidon” which let the world know Drake had a son. In this song he was called a dead beat and they came for his parents and his friend with MS.

Did you know Drake studies rap battles? Drake was upset now because they were bringing in defenseless people who are in the hospital and passed away. Drake said all this put him in a bad place. He said someone is going to be punched in the face. Drake said he didn’t want to further Pusha T’s career by raping back and having this exchange. Drake did research and was coming back hard with a major diss track, but he got home and listened to it then he thought about the type of person he is and this diss track isn’t something he want to be remembered for. Drake said this was a place he didn’t want to go. There was so much filth he was going to put out there. There were some places he was going to go but he walked away. Yes, he would look a certain way for not coming back but he said he could live with that rather than being that other person. I’m proud of you Drake and you never have to get them back karma will.


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