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Floyd Mayweather Is Being Sued For Allegedly Not Showing Up For Events In Nigeria and Ghana.

A Nigerian company Zinni Media want $2 million in damages in a law suit against Mr. Mayweather Jr. According to TMZ the media company alleges that Mayweather was a no show for five appearances in Nigeria and Ghana in June 2017. Zinni Media said they wired him $210,000 of the $375,000 he requested but he allegedly didn't show up, Then the company alleged that Mayweather agreed to reschedule the appearances for December 2017 at the cost of $550,000. He allegedly backed out again and did not return the $210,000 orignally received. Now Zinni Media wants $2 million for the damage allegedly caused to their reputation for him not showing up. Lets see what happens. $2 Million for Floyd is like $2 dollars for us.


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