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Houston's Restaurant Is Back In The News Again and T.I. Is Cutting Ties With The Chain.

Houston's reached headlines again with allegations of treating African Americans wrong. There was a boycott last year and it appears nothing has changed. Lets just throw the whole restaurant away! Three actresses were arrested for allegedly taking too long in the restaurant's bathroom. They arrived to meet friends and asked if they could use the bathroom since they hadn't actually ordered anything. They were told it was ok. One of Houstons's employees thought it would be a good idea to call security on the women for taking too long in the restroom. We are interested in knowing what is "taking too long"? Is there only a certain amount of time you can stay in the restroom at Houstons? If so we are unaware of a maximum time limit. Who knew?. T.I. was hired a while back for diversity training which we think was just Houstons way of shutting us up. It kind of worked for a little while but now they have showed their true colors again. T. I. is pissed because he feels like he put his name on this and it happened again. T.I. said "We tried the Martin Luther King way, now its time to do it the Malcom X way. He wants the whole chain closed down. Personally I love their spinach dip but its nothing I cant make at home. BYE Houstons!


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