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Is 50 Cents And Floyd Mayweather's Beef Real? We Know Both Of Them Are About Their Coins!

Who knows? We are fans of them both so we would love to know the truth. 50 Cents will always get the Petty Award and we love that about him. What award should Floyd get? If this beef is a joke I would say Im not totally surprised but some what surprised because they are bringing up murder, suicide, illiteracy, children, domestic violence and everything else you can think of .Do people joke about things like this? Its possible but who really knows. Rumors are going around that this is a set up and publicity stunt for when 50 Cents and Floyd take it to the boxing ring. We doubt that but nothing surprises us when it comes to these celebrity. I would buy a ticket. It would be the biggest fight of the decade. We will keep you posted.


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