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Did you guys know Will and Jada’s marriage isn’t perfect? Of course, no marriage is perfect. Red Table Talk is back, and the guest line up is going to shock you. Every time I think Red Table Talk can’t get any better or top the show before, it does. The latest guest is none other than Jada’s husband Will Smith. This show is a very emotional no matter who the guest is. The first words that come out Will’s mouth is “You aren’t going to break me Jada” lol. Will opened up about some of the struggles he and Jada have gone through. He said there was a period when Jada cried every day for 45 days straight. Will kept a diary. Jada stops him and says, “you missed some days”. Will said “I think it’s the worst I have ever felt in our marriage. Will said he was failing miserably”. They have been married for 20 years. What’s interesting is they don’t call themselves married anymore. They refer to themselves as “life partners”. There have been so many rumors about this couple from threesomes, divorce to separation. One thing is for sure they will never leave the other one. Jada and Will have both said they will never part ways. There is no plan B in another wards. Jada said “we are family, take the whole marriage thing out of it I’m going to hold him down, it doesn’t matter'. There is a point where Will tears up I don’t know why but it’s a clip where he is crying. Red Table Talk returns October 22. I can’t wait. This show always has heavy conversations but it’s also very therapeutic. I love it. Love ya Jada you did your thing with this one.


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