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Jada admits she had a really hard time with the idea of interracial adopting. She said she still has certain feelings about it. Jada brought Kristin Davis on the show, best known in her role on Sex and the City! She played the character Charlotte. Kristin has two African American children that she adopted. Her daughter’s name is Gemma and her sons name hasn’t been released yet. Jada admitted it’s very hard to raise black children today. Right away Kristin said she knows it’s a hot bottom. She also said its her duty to research to build as many bridges as she can. She said she doesn’t want them to feel they don’t fit into the black community or the white community. Jada said there is a questionnaire you have to fill out where you check off which ethnicities they’d feel comfortable adopting. Kristin said she didn’t feel comfortable checking any of them. She felt it was racist to say no, no and no. When she decided to adopt a black child, she start preparing herself. She took courses and one of them was about hair. She said she knows it’s a big thing and she’s still learning. She also said having two black children makes her think of her own white privilege. She said she has witnessed discrimination and racism against her kids first hand. She gave praise to the wonderful black moms who have become part of her inner circle.

Jayda says when Jaden was 4, 5, and 6 she said she would tell him no red or blue, you live in LA. Jada said she was in too many instances with friends and they had on the wrong color. She start talking to him at age 6 how to deal with police.

She also admit she use to have a problem with white people raising black kids but now she realizes that love is love. This is a tough topic and we agree with Jada and Kristin. Love is love.

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