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Jeffrey Epstein was an American fancier among other things. He was a convicted sex offender that had been recently confronted with allegations that he orchestrated a sex trafficking ring that delivered girls to him and his high profile friends. He previously served 13 months in a Palm Beach county jail after pleading guilty to two prostitution related charges. His high profile social circle and former associates include Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew. He’s death comes right before releasing names of corrupt top end politicians. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but there is one that is taking over social media. This theory is called #ClintonBodyCount. There are many people out there that believe the Clintons kill people that get in their way. We don’t know if it’s true, but it’s all everyone has been talking about today! The FBI is investigating the death of Epstein but they don’t usually get involved, with all this talk an investigation is needed. Trump seems to be supporting this theory. He posted a tweet implying Bill Clinton was behind Epstein’s death. In the next couple days more information will be released, and we will give up all updates.

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