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Jocelyn savage is ready to talk and I’m here to listen. In the beginning she was known as his sex slave/girlfriend. Confusing right? How can you be a slave and a girlfriend? Jocelyn Savage parents reached out to the media because they had not seen or heard from their daughter in a long time after she met R Kelly. They pleaded for her to come back home and said she was in R Kelly’s cult. Joycelyn was intervened by TMZ, in that video we learned she was were she wanted to be, at least that is what it seemed at the time. R Kelly is up against serval charges and the list of charges gets longer and longer every month. Many have said that the day R Kelly was arrested while walking his dog was the last day of freedom for him. Jocelyn and Azriel were known as the steady girlfriends of R Kelly. They lived in the house with R Kelly and they looked at their selves as a happy family of three. That is no longer the case. Jocelyn as of two days ago has spoken up identifying herself as a victim of R Kelly. Many are surprised but some aren’t surprised at all. You have to be very careful which media outlet you listen to because some are bogus. It is clear that she has been living with R Kelly since the age of 19. She is now 24. If you take a look at her social media, you will see that she posted pictures in 2017 and then the next post was two days ago. Where was she and what’s been going on for the last two years? Some believe she wasn’t allowed to have a phone since 2017. Now that she is ready to tell her story, some are skeptical. The money is running out and R Kelly is nowhere near coming home. Some are going as far as saying this is part of a plan to pay for R Kelly’s legal fees because she is getting paid to start talking. I have seen a lot go down in the Entertainment Industry and I really don’t think this is the case. Jocelyn is working with a company called Patreon where she will post daily chapters of her story. She is going to reveal things that were supposed to stay private due to an NDA that she is breaking. She says she’s risking her life. The first story was posted yesterday and it’s behind a paywall. It reveals how she met R Kelly in 2015 at one of his concerts. She was 17 years old. She recalled the experience with R Kelly as fun, but she had mixed emotions. Joycelyn said she stayed around because R Kelly said he would help her career. Things changed as he wanted her to start calling him names like Daddy or Master and things continued to get a little weirder. We are learning more details of abortions and being locked up but let me continue to get more information so I can provide you all with facts. I will also be speaking about this tomorrow on the radio.


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