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Red Table Talk with Jada gave Jordyn a chance to tell her side of the story for the first time publicly. She took the blame for going to Tristan’s house with a bunch of friends and said that she shouldn’t have. She also took the blame for sitting on the arm rest of the chair he was sitting in and draping her legs over his. She said there was no lap dance like some implied. She did say everyone had a lot to drink because Triston’s house was the second stop of the night. She said they never left and went in to another room. They were in full sight of everyone the full night. She said she left around 7am but when she got to the door Triston walked up and kissed her. Jordyn said there was no tongue kissing and there was no passion. That’s when she said its time to go home. She left and went back home which is Kylies guest house. She said she did tell Khloe and Kylie that she was at Triston’s for a after party but didn’t tell them about the kiss. She didn’t want to add fuel the fire since things were rocky with Khloe and Tristian. Later on that next day the story leaked out and spread and Khloe was furious because she felt like Jordyn lied to her. At this point Khloe had no choice but to be done with Triston after humiliating her AGAIN! Jordyn has been dragged through the mud by Kardashian friends and fans to the point where she had to cut her phone off. Khloe went on tweeter right after the interview and implied that Jordyn lied and blamed her for breaking her family up. Khloe caught massive backlash by calling Jordyn the reason her family has falling apart. Which in reality we all know Tristian is the real reason with his continued cheating. I love that Jada gave Jordyn a platform to tell her side of the story. Jordyn was looked at as this poor girl that gained fame because of the Kardashian’s and would lose it all without them. What wasn’t public knowledge until #RedTableTalk Is the fact that Jordyn’s father worked on the set of Fresh Prince and was in the industry way before Jordyn was even born. Her father was a big part of the Smiths family for over 25 years until his death so when Jordyn was born Will Smith and Jada were aunt and uncle. I searched everywhere for months a while back trying to figure out how Jordyn and Kylie met, and the internet had NOTHING! On Red Table Talk Jada said this is the first time they have said it publicly, but Jaden was the one that introduced Kylie and Jordyn when they were like 12. Uncle Will even called before the show to support her. She will be fine. This is not the death of her.


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