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Kandi finally tells us the true reason she will not make new music with the ladies of Xscape!

On Watch What Happens Live Kandi told us she couldn't make new music with XScape because she was on Broadway. We knew there was more to the story. The ladies aren't getting along. Kandi said her reason is that she doesn't want to mess up their Legacy. Kandi feels they were a group that had three platinum albums, all of the albums were hits, they never had an album that flopped and things are not the same as it use to be so she wants to leave that legacy alone. Kandi went on to say all four of the women have four really different creative ideas and they don't see eye to eye on what music just be. She doesn't want to put something out there thats not as good as it use to. She simply doesn't want to tarnish their image. We gotcha Kandi you probably cant stand being in the same room with anyone from this group except Tiny lol.


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