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Kate Spade Has Passed Away From An Apparent Suicide.

Kate was found hanging in her New York apartment Tuesday at 10:20 AM. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Kate got her start in the 80's working for a magazine in Manhattan. Later Kate Spade went on to launch Kate Spade handbags in 1993 and it blossomed into a full scale clothing and jewrelry line. Kate took time off to raise her daughter and sold her company. That wasn't the last time we would hear from Kate though. She jumped back in the game in 2016 and launched a new fashion line called Frances Valentine, named after her daughter. What we didn't know was Kate secretly suffered from depression. It is now believed Kate committed suicide after her husband of many years asked for a divorce. She tells her daughter in her suicide note that Andrew (her husband) would know why she committed suicide and that it has nothing to do with her. Kate became very depressed in the days leading up to the suicide and we will never know exactly what she was going through but it seems like a broken heart. Kate you will forever be missed. #FashionIcon


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