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Khloe Kardashian Is Afraid More Side Pieces Are Going To Come Forward!

Were are afraid too because it definitely looks like it. At this time five different woman have come forward and it doesn't seem like its slowing down. We know Khloe did let Tristan in the delivery room but since then she has kicked him out his own Cleveland mansion. Khloe is waiting to see how many women come out before making her decision. Sources say she was at the point of almost forgiving him but thats when the number of side pieces went up. Khloe now fears that women in every NBA town across the country are going to come forward with a Tristan story. We are so sorry you are going through this Khloe. You don't deserve this! We are now finding out that one of the ways Tristan meets woman is through DM. He finds them on Instagram. He contacts them and arranges a meet up. We are told he likes exotic women with big butts.

Then there is All Star weekend where Tristan was a little to flirty with a couple models one of which is a Khloe look alike. Tristan have you ever been faithful to Khloe? Geesh! We will continue to follow this story and give you the latest.


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