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Khloe tried it guys. WE don’t know what’s going to happen between Tristan and Khloe. Do you go back after cheating? She tried, we just aren’t sure how it’s going to go down. Tristan has been in LA on the off season but now it’s time to go back to Cleveland and Khloe had everything packed and ready to go but said she wasn’t quite ready yet. She couldn’t make the move. Now Tristan is back in Cleveland and Khloe is in LA. The “want to be side chicks”, groupies and money chasers have a new target coming and its Tristan without Khloe. Can Tristan deal with the temptation? Sources say Khloe feels very insecure. She doesn’t want to leave her whole family. We know last year she picked up and moved there away from her family without a second thought, but things have changed as far as their relationship goes. We think the best thing would be for her to go since she has plans to stay in the relationship. Long distance relationships are hard enough, but they are even harder when you are Khloe and Tristian. It’s difficult to trust someone 100% who cheated days before he became a dad. We will keep you posted on this story as we get more information.


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