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Kim K Is On It And We Love It!!

Kim K has reportedly hired a team of Political Advisors to help free more prisoners. Kim K may have a new calling because shes making plans to help free more prisoners. As we know Kim K went to the White House to meet with Trump to talk about granting Alice Johnson clemency. Alice Johnson was the grandmother convicted on drug charges and she would have probably died in in jail if it wasn't for Kim. According to news reports Kim has hired a political team of advisors to guide her in the right direction."She really feels compelled to make a world of change right now and is determined to use her platform for the good of humanity". Kim is setting up a meeting with Alice and her family and is so excited to get things rolling. Kim has been getting a ton of emails and messages from prisoners and its become a bit overwhelming. Now she thinks her new team will be able to handle the request more effectively. We can only imagine the number of messages Kim gets a day now add prisoners who feel they haven't received justice. Great job Kim!!


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