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Kim K is definitely making some changes. She recently opened up about The White House, Kanye, dressing sexy and her sex tape. Yes, you remember that little sex tape of her and Ray J that came out a while back? That’s the sex tape.

Kim said she is turning down the sexy from now on. You could have fooled me; she’s looking sexy as ever. Actually, anything Kim K wears is sexy. It’s her brand. She still looks sexy in jogging suits lol. She did say she won’t show as much skin anymore. We know Kanye is on a religious journey, which is amazing. With that being said he wants his wife to turn it down a little. Kanye mentioned it before The Met Gala and explained he didn’t want his wife to be looked at in a certain way. Kim showed her frustration by reminding Kanye that he built her up as this sexy brand and now he wants her to cover it up. Kim K is also in and out the White house these days and she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to be at the White House during the week and on weekends taking pictures in a thong. Kim said she had an awakening as well by going on this new journey with Kanye. Kanye’s Sunday Service has grown from an event in his back yard to a Movement. I love it. He is out here saving lives and bringing people closer to Jesus. Every time I hear clips of Sunday Service, I’m truly inspired. It’s different than a Pastor but he is still giving a message. Kim and Kanye are definitely doing things different. Kim said now on vacation its more about spending time as a family instead of taking half nude pictures for Instagram.

Kim also spoke about the infamous sex tape but instead of talking about what went on in the sex tape she was asked to compare the tape to revenge porn. We all know Blac Chyna and Rob had the revenge porn scandal followed by many court proceedings. Kim had to use her words wisely, but she did hint around that she was not supportive of what her brother did and kind of called him the biggest piece of sh*t. She touched on Caitlyn Jenner and said the family had a bunch of different emotions. Ummm I think we can understand that. The male father figure is now a transgender woman. That is probably a lot to process, especially when the whole world is looking at you. With everything being said, I really feel we are going to see huge changes from the inside out with Kim Kardashian. All good changes though. Stay tuned


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