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Lil Wayne Reportedly Was A No Show For Panorama Music Festival Because He Didn't Want To Go lol!

Lil Wayne said there was a flight delay so it was impossible for him to make it. Sources say Lil Wayne just didn't want to go lol. According to an insider "He didn't want to do it, this was going on for days. He just didn't want to do the festival". The insider said The Big Apple is his least favorite place in the world to go. He was arrested on a gun possession charge in 2007 following a concert in New York and he served eight months in Rikers. New York would give me a bad taste in my mouth too. Lil Wayne Just don't schedule or let anyone else talk you in to going to New York for anything because we don't know if they are waiting on you. There is something called "Hp Hop Cops" and from what we hear they target artist so who knows Lil Wayne may have made the best decision in his life.


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