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We all know Madonna likes to push the envelope, of course, she’s the one and only Madonna! She’s known for going to the extreme! Remember that kiss with Britney Spears? She been doing stuff like this for decades! We all know she’s a little infatuated with Marylyn Monroe but so are 70% of the women out there. Anything with Marilyn Monroe’s face on it sells. Stores can’t keep the items on their shelves, whether its pictures, shirts, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, calendars and the list goes on and on. Ok back to Madonna and her fascination with Ms. Monroe. You may not know this but the music video for "Material Girl" was inspired by Monroe's rendition of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Yes, Madonna loves our girl Marilyn Monroe.

Well Madonna is facing the heat because she recreated Marilyn Monroe’s death scene for V Magazine! Some feel this portrayal is morbid, inappropriate and eerie, while others feel its iconic! In case you didn't know, Monroe died of a drug overdose ... at least that's what the L.A. County Coroner said. There are all sorts of theories about her death, including one that she was murdered to keep her affair with former President John F Kennedy under wraps. There were also stories that she had a fling with JFK's brother, Robert F Kennedy as well. You can see why this is all a touchy subject!

Madonna was dead on, no pun intended! She was true to form with her pose of Marilyn laying lifeless in the bed of her Bel Air home way back in 1962. If Madonna is going to do it, she’s going to do it right! As far as what I think, I think its ICONIC! I’m a fan of both of these ladies and Im here for it!


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