• ATL Media Pass Staff


The whole world knows by now about Meek Mill’s encounter with The Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas. Meek was denied entry into the hotel by security guards working for the hotel. He was actually ordered to stay in his car. Meek Mill and his attorney Joe Tacopina told TMZ that Meek Mill is a part of a long list of African American rappers who are blacklisted from certain Vegas hotels. Meek Mill and his attorney believe he is a victim of racism. First the security guards wouldn’t let him in and wouldn’t tell him why. Later a story came out that Meek Mill and his attorney said was fabricated. An anonymous source said Meek Mill was involved in a fight at the Cosmopolitan with the security guards in the past and that’s why he was denied entry. The only problem with this is it didn’t happen according to Meek. So why was he denied entry? Its 2019 and I wonder how much has changed when it comes to racism. We have come far but I’m not exactly sure how far. Meek Mill is suing the hotel. We will keep you guys posted in this on developing case.