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Mel B is suffering and is a at a crises point in her life. She's going straight from America's

Got Talent into a therapy center in the United Kingdom to treat PTSD. Mel B has had a very difficult 6 months, who can blame her? She's gone through a terrible public divorce and dealt with a lot of backlash. Her ex husband put a lot of their personal business out there which has caused a lot pain. The stories of forced sex with other woman, drugs and abuse were splattered all over the internet and Mel found her self having to explain things she never wanted to revisit. She is turning the negative to positive. She found a way to therapeutically get through things. She wrote a book called Brutally Honest. She tells it like it is. Mel admits to having emotional issues as well as massive relationship issues since the death of her dad. Mell tells her story of physical and emotional abuse. She feels she is at the mercy of the legal system which she feels is weighted against the emotionally abused women. This really saddens our hearts. Lets keep Mel B in our prayers and support her by picking up her book. We love ya Mel B


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