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What’s going on with Nelly? Another woman is alleging that he sexually assaulted her. We know there are two kind of women out there. There are the groupies that will say anything and there are the women who have truly gone through something with these celebrities. The female that came out earlier in the year caught us by surprise because, its Nelly we are talking about and we wouldn’t expect this from him. Now we have a new female saying Nelly sexually assaulted her. She filled her claim under Jane Doe which is very common. Jane Doe claims that Nelly masturbated in front of her after the December 2017 Essex concert. In docs obtained by TMZ she says she and Nelly met at a meet and greet and he asked her to stay behind which she did. She says that’s when Nelly dropped his pants and started masturbating saying “You want this d*ck don’t you”. Jane Doe said after she declined several times Nelly wouldn’t back off and told her he wanted to ejaculate on her. She said she told him to pull his paints up and f*ck off. This women says he clenched his fist, and that’s when she asked him if he was going to punch her. According to her that’s when Nelly said no, I’m just frustrated, and I’m use to getting what I want. She claimed this is the point where he shoved his penis into her mouth, but she was able to run out the room.

What does girlfriend Shantel Jackson (ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather) have to say about it? Ms. Jackson is calling her a liar and Jane Doe is suing her too. Like always stick with ATLMediaPass and we will keep you updated on this case.


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