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Fans are mad at NeNe Leaks for calling Gregg “mean, grouchy and evil” Ummm Nene he is suffering from cancer and fighting for his life. That may make you feel a little grumpy. He’s scared and doesn’t know his fate. Last week Gregg posted an Instagram screenshot of an inspirational message he received saying love the people that treat you right, forgive quickly and think before acting out in anger. NeNe lashed out and told him to take his own advice. Instagram users went in on NeNe for that. She deleted the comments. Then she went to twitter to discuss it. She goes on to say “I would just think if I have or had cancer. I would see life so differently. Not being mean, grouchy and evil for no reason. But that’s me. Pray for me”. We need to be praying for Greg right now. We understand its hard being a caretaker for a cancer patient but isn’t this to be expected? This isn’t exactly a time of joy for him. A fan tried to get NeNe to understand that the person closest gets the undeserved lashing out and tried to tell her stay strong. NeNe replied “naw don’t think I can do that”. Another person tweeted and called NeNe a real piece of work and reminded her that the tables can easily turn. NeNe responded by saying “Chileee shut up. Gregg has done so much shit. It didn’t just start. While you commenting saying shit to me, ask him what he has done. Oh, and by the way, Gregg isn’t bed stricken and needing daily help! You got it twisted”. Another person commented and told NeNe she was evil and to go to hell. NeNe was recently on Watch What Happens now with Andy Cohen and she stated that the day Gregg was diagnosed, she feels was the day she lost her husband. She said they don’t do things that they normally do together and this has changed their life. She says they aren’t even in the same bedroom. NeNe and Greg Leaks were married in 1997 then divorced in 2011 and remarried in 2013. They break up to make up so maybe there will be a future for them but at this point I think they both resent each other. The number one focus right now should be Greggs health and getting him well. Figure out the marriage issues later.

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