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Offset is going all the way in trying to get Cardi B back. First was the infamous apology video, where Offset says all he wants for his birthday is his wife back CardiB. He said they are going through somethings in the media. He said I know I embarrassed you and made you look crazy. He admitted to something because he said “I was partaking in activity that I shouldn’t have been” (sounds a little bit like what Kevin Hart said). He said I’m sorry for breaking your heart and for breaking that promise, and breaking God’s promise. He said he was selfish and a messed up husband. He then said I love you and Kulture and want to spend Christmas with the two of you and wants to spend the rest of his life with Cardi. It’s really interesting because people are saying oh, he’s admitting to sleeping with the female but really, he isn’t. If people would actually listen to him, he’s saying he didn’t sleep with the girl, but he entertained it.

Offset made another attempt by crashing Carib’s Rolling Loud Festival Set to beg for forgiveness in front of everyone. All of a sudden flowers were pushed on stage that spelled out ‘Take Me Back Cardi’. We all know Offset is really trying but this back fired. It was supposed to be the most heartfelt apology but turned into a huge mistake. He interrupts her performance and she honestly looked mortified. Cardi’s team told Offset he needs a new publicist because he got this one seriously wrong. Cardi looked really frustrated and start walking away.

Her reaction to angry friends was addressed in an Instagram video. She asked fans to please not bash him because he’s still family. He’s her husband guys. She hasn’t been addressing him as her husband lately she keeps saying ‘my daughters’ father’. This comes from a place of hurt. She can’t imagine that her husband would put her through this again. Cardi said she just doesn’t wasn’t people to keep doing f*ck sh*t.

I love Cardi B and Offset because they are my hip hop couple. They are the next Beyoncé and Jay Z. They are a power couple. I’m not for any women staying after cheating but they are both in their 20s, millionaires and celebrities. People are throwing themselves at both of them 24/7 and the temptation is real. I’m glad she didn’t accept him back right away because he needs to sweat it out for a little bit, that will make him think twice before entertaining other females. I’m team Cardi and Offset all the way! Something tells me they will work this out and be better than before.


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