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Omari Hardwick on Only Earning $150K Per Episode on ‘Power,’ and had to Borrow Money From 50 Cent!

We aren’t completely surprised but a little surprised yes. As Power fans we all love Ghost/James St Patrick the lead character. Omari played that role amazingly! I’m a movie girl not a show girl, I usually dont do shows. I want whatever I’m watching to have a beginning, middle and end all in 2 hours lol. I don’t like waiting week to week with anxiety to find out what happens next lol. Power did this to me though. I broke my rule and watched every week for years and it’s all because of Ghost. Well white boy Tommy had something to do with it too lol. The two of them together were EVERYTHING!

This is why I was soooooo surprised to find out what Omari made each episode. I get that before Power he wasn’t a household name but towards the end he definitely was.

Omari shared with us that he doesn’t feel that he actually made what he was worth until after Power. He had this to say "I still haven’t made what I should have made. I still never made the money—no, the money, I never made what I should have made. Never," Harwick said. "Period. It's happening now, finally.” He only felt he “made it” after Power, and joked that he earned “five dollars” from all the movies he appeared in before that.

He also opened up about owing 50 Cent some money, which he previously touched on in 2019 on the Angie Martinez Show. He said 50 Cent had respect for him and adored his family so he had no problem loaning it to him❤️! I love that Omari and 50 Cent have a brotherhood now because of the show. What’s next? Omari has a couple new projects coming up and we can’t wait to tell you guys about them as soon as we get the green light:)


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