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Yes, you heard us right. Wendy William is back and better than before. As far as her wedding ring she says “It aint going nowhere”. Wendy had a lot to discuss. She began with “how you doing” and said let’s get started because apparently, I’m a hot topic. Wendy has been absent from her talk show since December citing medical problems like a hairline fracture in her shoulder and Grave’s Disease. We know she had all that going on but honestly, we think she just needed a mental break. Who can blame her? We all need one sometimes and dealing with it in front of the public eye adds to the stress. She did say she had to focus on personal and physical well being. Wendy said during Christmas vacation she started having thyroid issues and she said they are still adjusting her meds. Finding the right combination of medication can be really hard when dealing with any disease. Wendy said she’s the kind of patient that if she coughs, she’s like I’m dying. I can definitely relate. Wendy says she has a gang of doctors and she’s happy to report she’s doing swell. Wendy also said she’s been spending time with her family, meaning both Kevins. She’s been working out taking care of herself, hitting up the gym every day. You Go Girl!! Wendy said she’s focusing on being a good mother. Kevin is now 18 and she said he’s at that jerk stage lol. There is a message she wants to get out and that’s if you see her with her husband, son, mom, dad, sister or brother leave her alone. We know the paparazzi wont, but she really wants her wishes to be respected. She said she’s still wearing her ring and that when you’ve been with someone for 28 years, they know each other. Wendy called Kevin her best friend. She left us with this message, “marriage isn’t easy and don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone” pointing to her ring. “It ant going nowhere” not in this lifetime”. Well alright Wendy we love it. Everyone has been asking “How you doing”! Wendy said swell.


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