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Our hearts go out to NeNe and Greg Leakes. They have recently opened up with more details about Greg’s health. The couple found out Greg had cancer on Cinco De Mayo. They were out and Greg complained of having severe pain and it got to the point he said take him to the hospital. He had to go through emergency surgery that night to remove part of his colon. Greg said he was mentally prepared to say good bye. He even wrote a letter to NeNe and gave it to the doctor before surgery just in case he didn’t make it out of surgery. He said writing that letter was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. Thank God he survived the surgery. Greg said he never thought he would have to fight cancer, but he is now ready to beat cancers ass. He said his colon got smaller, but his heart got bigger. NeNe said she has to stay strong for him, but she does break down sometimes. She’s praying for strength. There is a chance that he’s cancer can come back but thank God he caught it when he did, or he may not be here today. His cancer was stage 3. Please keep the entire family in your prays.


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