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You know the Empress that’s known for saying “THAT’S HOT”? Paris Hilton of course.

Paris was known as a rich blond socialite. We thought she had a lot to learn in life, we aren’t calling her dumb, ok well maybe we did call her that back in the day lol. She fit the role. I will never forget when she was being followed by paparazzi and her new Bentley stopped. The paparazzi had to take a look at her car and figured out all she needed was gas. Gas that Paris didn’t even know how to pump. Paparazzi had to pump her gas and show her how to do it just in case it happens again, and they aren’t there. Now you see what we were dealing with back in the day.

Today Paris says her whole life was an act. She played a character. She played the “dumb blond” until now. Paris says she knew exactly what she was doing but the rest of the world didn’t. She said it was frustrating to be perceived that way when she really knew who she was. Paris says she only brought that attitude with her to “The Simple Life” because she thought it was entertaining. The show made her, and Nicole Richie look like they we clueless. Now we are finding out they weren’t as clueless as we believed.

Paris said it wasn’t bad because she made a brand of it.

We will meet the real Pairs in her new you tube documentary titled “This Is Paris” she told Deadline that she’s never done anything like this before. She is going to discuss things she never talked about before. She wants people to see who she really is. Paris also said doing this documentary was therapeutic. She is going to give us the raw and real in this film. She gave up full control for this film. She usually doesn’t do this, but she wants it to be an unfiltered and unprocessed look into her life. For the last 15 years the world thought they knew Paris, but they really didn’t. I knew who she really was, and I have to agree her antics were hilarious. Hey Kim Kardashian, profited off it and has built an empire. All is well in the Entertainment Industry.


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