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  • ATL Media Pass Staff


As you can recall R Kelly was served legal documents while he was in jail. They weren’t sent to his attorneys or Trump Tower where he leaves. The document was a subpoena to come to court to answer to another sexual abuse case. Well when he didn’t show up, he lost the case by default. He was a no show. R Kelly’s lawyers argued that since R Kelly couldn’t read, he had no idea what to do with the papers. Remember he was incarcerated. R Kelly’s lawyers argued he was confused and overwhelmed when he received the paperwork. More importantly they argued he was illiterate and didn’t know how to read. It worked! The judge vacated the default judgment and is giving him his day in court. R. Kelly’s lawyers both say they have never been involved in a criminal case were an alleged victim filed a civil case during a criminal proceeding. The Goldman’s even waited until the criminal case was over with OJ before they filed a civil suit against OJ. This just kind of makes you wonder.

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