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Red Table talk is getting a lot juicier if that’s possible. Jada did her thing putting this show together. This show discusses real issues no fluff. Will Smith gave an interesting interview. He said the rumors are just that rumors. Will and Jada said there is no truth to them being Scientologist or swingers. Will wanted to make the record straight. We are so glad they addressed these two topics because these rumors are over a decade long.

Will had a big moment of realization when Willow told him she didn’t want to sing anymore, and she wanted to come off the tour during the success of “Whip My Hair”, Will tried to explain to her “We are at the top of the world and she was like ‘Okay I’m done daddy’. He then said, “sweetie you can’t be done… you made a commitment to Mr. Jay Z” and she said

“no daddy you made a commitment to Mr. Jay Z lol. This is actually very common for parents to get an idea of what they want their kids to do and push them into it. I can only imagine being Will Smith or Jada and being in a position where their children can have any career given to them and they decided not to take the opportunity.

Will talked a lot about his relationship with Jada and said there came a point where they had to destroy their marriage to get it back together. They both said that divorce was never an option. Will had been divorced before and he said he wasn’t doing it again. So, they broke up with in their marriage and got back together. This is honestly what you are supposed to do, and I wish more peopled looked at marriage in this way, but people are giving up easy. We see this because the divorce rate is rising. Will said they had to rebuild and make up new rules. He says he had to take two years off where he worked on his self, read 50 books on marriage, relationships and behavioral psychology. He said this shut down was necessary to figure out what he was doing wrong. The two decided to throw out the whole concept of marriage and said this is a life partnership that they know is for life.

Well it looks like Will and Jada have found the secret to making it work. We love these two!


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