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  • ATL Media Pass Staff


Tiffany Haddish had a stand up comedy show scheduled for New Years Eve and fans were excited to see her show. She was performing at The James L. Center to a sold out crowd. The show quickly turned bad. Fans were disappointed and began booing her. Some fans even walked out during the show. At this point Tiffany knows things are bad because she says to the crowd “This is weird for me. Now this is going to be on TMZ or whatever” Yes Tiffany it’s on TMZ and every other media outlet. Tiffany said she wanted to talk about some stuff but forgot what she wanted to say. She said, “I feel like whatever”. Tiffany then went on to say F*ck it. After the front rows were clear due to people walking out, she tells the remaining people in the audience to move up. She made a joke about her mom being in a mental institute and her sister needing money for a refrigerator, which she said she couldn’t help with because she had rent to pay. Tiffany then picked up a bottle of Cîroc and start drinking on the stage. Tiffany did say that she had been drinking all night until the morning on a video on Instagram. This is a very bad look but who hasn’t had too much to drink and done something stupid? Its just that ours doesn’t show up in headlines every where the next day. Tiffany can come back from this, she just needs to make sure her next show is on point. She may want to refund fans because they didn’t get what they paid for. Tiffany took to Twitter and said yes this did happen and she wishes it was better Miami. She then said she has a strong feeling this won’t ever happen again. Social media is divided on what they think of Tiffany. I say let’s give Tiffany another chance. She is still our girl, and this is the first New Year’s Eve where she can definitely call herself an A List celebrity, so she had a lot to celebrate. She just over did it. We still love you Tiffany!! That won’t change.

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