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T.I. is catching major black lash from social media for saying he accompanies his daughter once a year to her gynecologist to make sure she is not having sex. His daughter is 18 and social media says most individuals are already having sex before their 18th birthday. Wendy said the control he has over her is sexist because its fine if the sons have sex, but his daughter can’t. I will say this, fathers will always protect their daughters and treat them differently. This definitely causes a double standard, but we have learned to deal with some double standards, it’s just a part of life. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but I don’t think some of these double standards are going away. Sons are very protective of their mom too. You see how Kevin Sr and Kevin Jr fought in the parking lot of a store. It wasn’t just arguing. They had hands on each other. Wendy also has a problem with the Doctor allowing him to be there, but his daughter has to sign a consent form and she does. Yes, it’s a consent form but we have a feeling not signing isn’t an option. I think it would be very odd if my dad was in the room with me while I’m getting my exam. He said he just wants to make sure her hymen is intact. I wonder if T.I. knows that’s not a sure way to know whether she is having sex or not.


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