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Tekashi is putting his exit strategy in place. This is not a surprise, usually after you snitch you can’t exactly go back where you came from. Tekashi is leaving New York where he was born and raised. Sources say he will be released in August and he knows he has to get the heck out of dodge. Tekashi is putting together a team. He wants the best security team money can buy. He wants only legit former law enforcement officers or ex-military who are licensed to carry firearms. They can not be gang affiliated. UMMM I wonder why. It may not be so easy for him to get this topnotch security. His former bodyguards have said there is no amount of money they could be paid to protect him. He has a target on his back.

Wherever Tekashi starts his new life he has to make sure its approved by the federal government department. Remember he is on probation. Sources say he is ready to get back in the studio to complete records in his music deal. He will not be planning any live performances. I’m sure you can guess why. He plans to set up his new place like Fort Knox and he wants to keep his location private. We will see how this goes but I’m a little scared for him.


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