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The Beef With Drake, Pusha-T and Kanye Has Been Crazy!

Well Kanye is only partly in this beef which is good so lets just focus on Drake and Pusha-T. Friday Pusha-T released a Drake dis track call Infrared. In less than 24 hours Drake released one about Pusha-T called Duppy Freestyle. It was the fastest clap back that has ever been recorded and released. Then Pusha-T came back with The Story Of Addison. Addison is believed to be the love child of Drake and a former porn star Sophia that goes by the name Rosee Divine. We think Pusha T went too far by bringing Drake's sweet mom and child into the fire. You can find the dis tracks on you tube and see who you think won the rap battle but something tells us its far from over. As usual we will keep you updated on this "Duppy Freestyle" and "Story of Addison" saga. Who knows what will happen by tomorrow, we may get a new song lol.


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