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I saw it and it was very deep. We learned a lot more about Hernandez during this documentary. A lot of documentaries are made by speculations and you don’t know which parts to believe. I think a lot of things are assumed. This is with any documentary.

This documentary did a great job at covering his life. It started from his youth up and till he died. Half of the world is still in shock over claims that Hernandez engaged in sexual acts with men. For me this was not a surprise. Accusations were out there as soon the investigation started, I’m not saying whether they are true or not, but I first heard about the stories 3 years ago.

Odim Lloyd is the guy that Hernandez was found guilty of murdering. Sources say Odin's family were blindsided and upset over the documentary. They said this documentary is making it near impossible for the family heal. Sources close to the family say it’s like an old wound being reopened, and they are drugged back into the past. This is very painful. Odin’s family did not sign off on the ‘Killer Inside” nor did they want to be a part of it. The family has been approached several times about going public and talking about the death of their son. They have declined every time. Odin’s family also think the documentary mislead people into thinking they were part of the documentary by playing past interviews and pictures. To set the record straight they were not part of this documentary and still very saddened about his death. I pray that eventually the family will get the peace they are searching for and are hopefully left alone.


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