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This adorable young boy made headlines after wearing "The Cutest Monkey" hoodie in a H&M ad.

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

H&M took major heat in deciding to dress this young black boy in this hoodie and they very well should have received the heat. Many considered this a racial issue, equating this little boy to a monkey. It was very disrespectful and tasteless to to this. The mother and child are from a different country and the mom thinks this ad was perfectly fine. Here in America where we see racism all time we saw things completely different.

Puff Diddy saw the shirt and he wasn't having it. He put the picture back up on social media of the little boy and put a crown on him with the words "Coolest Kid In The World" and said you better put some respect on it!!! Diddy also went on to offer this cute kid a 1Million Modeling contract with Sean John. We don't know yet if his mother will accept the deal but we are really praying she does.

The artist The Weekend has cancelled his collaboration with H&M and one day later

G Easy has cancelled his as well. Good Bye H&M


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