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Of course, you have heard a lot about this scam since its national news. What you might not know is all the details. Willian Singer orchestrated the entire thing. He was the CEO of a college admissions prep company called The Key Worldwide Foundation which was supposed to be a nonprofit. It was really a front he used to launder the money parents paid him. Federal prosecutors say there were 50 people involved. Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among the dozens of parents facing federal charges. Others charged include 9 coaches at elite schools, two ACT/SAT administrators, an exam proctor, college administrators and a CEO who admits he wanted to help the wealthiest families get their kids into elite schools. Parents had two options when it came to getting their children into top schools. There were two different frauds that Singer was selling. Option 1 was cheating on standard test. Option 2 was bribing college coaches and school officials. This company had someone else go take the test for students to ensure they would make high scores. They would also put things like their son was captain of the football team and great at sports but in reality, the son never played in high school and wouldn’t be playing at their new college They had already bribed the coaches and we all know coaches don’t decided who gets accepted to their universities, but we also know they make life changing recommendations for who they want in. This means that some wealthy students that actually don’t play sports, takes the chance away from someone who is truly gifted.

Lori Loughlin, Aunt Becky as we know her from Full House allegedly agree to pay $500,000 for both her daughters. Her daughters were designated recruits to the USC crew team, but they never competed in crew. She just sent pictures of daughters rowing on a machine.

A group of parents whose children didn’t get accepted have filed a federal lawsuit. Student that have already graduated from these schools are very upset now because they don’t know how much their degree will be worth after this scandal. Here is a list of the schools that may have been involved University of California, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of California, Stanford University, The university of Texas at Austin, Georgetown University and Yale University. Everything that I’ve told you up this point isn’t really a surprise for most of you because it’s been all over the news. I decided to write about it because everything just became a lot more serious, I’m talking life or death. A USC student threatened suicide after finding out her parents used Singer to get her into school. It was investigated, and her story was legit. Singer didn’t do anything illegal in her case. We do not know how many students are feeling this same way and if they will act on it, which is very scary. The sad thing is this is just the beginning. Singer has allegedly been doing this for a while and has received over $5 million. The strange thing is he is saying he is going to fully cooperated and is “excited” to work with law enforcement. Ummm who is excited to talk to law enforcement about a huge scam that you are behind unless you plan on giving some names out?


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