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According to TMZ Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide Friday. EMS responded to Paris LA home at 7:30 AM. It’s being reported that Paris, Michael Jackson’s only daughter slit her wrist. TMZ sources says she was transported to hospital and placed on a 5150 hold. Sources say she did this in direct response to the allegations made against her father in “Leaving Neverland”. Paris has had a really hard time since her father died. You never get over the death of a parent. I can’t imagine what all this girl has been through. TMZ sources sayParis was released from the hospital Saturday at 1:45 and is under the care of her team. Paris is saying something a little different. She took to twitter to call TMZ liars and said f-uck you. She is not to happy about this story being released. Who would be? It’s a suicide attempt. The day before she allegedly tried to commit suicide it was a lot of pressure put on her and people were upset, since she didn’t speak out about “Leaving Netherland”. She said it’s not her role and that she has already said everything she can say to defend her father. Then the next day she allegedly slit her wrist. This is so sad, and I believe it. I know Paris wants us to think it’s a lie. I think she honestly wants to be left alone and with a suicide story out there that only brings more attention. I feel for her so much because she didn’t ask for this life. She has always had to live a life only she can understand or not understand. Growing up as Michael Jacksons daughter came with perks but there was always a dark side. Those kids had to walk around with mask on and couldn’t be seen. There was nothing normal about her childhood. Then when the children were old enough and allowed to watch tv they heard stories about their father that they love, allegedly molesting kids. Now with this new documentary everything is brought up again. I think she did attempt suicide the day after people pressured her to speak about the allegations and its sad. We are praying for Paris because she’s going through a lot regardless if the attempt was true or not. I’ve never known TMZ to report fake news, they make sure they have their facts right. We truly want happiness and peace for Paris and speaking of happiness she looked great out today with her boyfriend. They were photographed today walking, holding hands and smiling. Sources say Paris is currently being closely monitored by a team of doctors. Can we please leave this girl alone now???

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