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A lot of people thought that Colin Kaepernick days in the NFL were over and that he wanted nothing else to do with NFL. Things may have changed. Kaepernick has a new opportunity. Sources say there are multiple teams interested in signing Kaepernick. The NFL announced it will hold a private workout with Colin at an undisclosed location, this Saturday Nov 16th 2019. All 32 teams were invited. The NFL needs Colin right about now. Have you seen these games this year? The League reached out to Colin Kaepernick representatives and said they wanted to schedule this workout. Colin Kaepernick’s first love is football. It’s a just a game to some but this is his passion. Colin said he’s been in shape and ready for this the last three years. I’m so excited for him. This news almost broke the internet. Of course, you have those people that think if he goes back, he will be selling out. STOP! This is his career and we know he misses it. You can’t take that away from him. He said he can’t wait to see all the head coaches and GMs on Saturday. I live in Atlanta so I’m definitely going to try to find out the location just so I can watch this. I have a feeling I’m going to get goose bumps, knowing the history behind all of this, Saturday will make history. Hopefully the division that this situation has caused will turn around and unite us.


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