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Could Our Beloved Sweet Roseanne be Racist?

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

If you haven't heard by now that Roseanne made a racist comment on twitter then you most live under a rock. It reached major headlines and companies wasted no time dropping her. Back in March of this year ABC was really pleased by the show because it was number 1 so they ordered another season right away. Well that all changed yesterday when Roseanne went to tweeter and called former White House top aide to President Obama the child of a Muslim brotherhood and Plant of the Apes. Can you get anymore racists?? Wanda Sykes quit her job as Roseanne's consulting producer after the news broke. A couple hours later ABC cancelled the show. Then ICM Partners dropped her and said "We will not represent her effective immediately". Roseanne went back to tweeter to apologize to Valerie Jarett and to anyone that was offended by the comment and said she didn't mean it. Sorry Rosanne but its to late for that.


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