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There is a new movie coming out that’s going to tell the story of how the world’s two most famous tennis players parent raised the two sisters from the streets of Compton to international tennis superstardom despite him having no real tennis experience himself. Serena and Venus went one to become the number 1 and 2 best tennis players in the world. This is going to be a great biopic but the one thing that’s up in the air is will Will Smith play the father. There are a lot of people who want Will Smith to play the part and that includes Steve Harvey. There are also a number of people that done think Will should play the part because of his skin color. What????? Some think he’s skin is too light. We understand that the father is darker than Will but is that really a reason he shouldn’t play this role. That’s ridiculous. Will has played so many roles and he’s a great actor. He can jump in and out of any character. So, you mean to tell us he shouldn’t play this role because his skin is lighter. We really hope Will is casted in this role. He can play roles that are younger or older than his actual age but can’t play a role because he’s not dark enough? Social Media has spoken, and they threw out a couple names like Don Cheadle, Forest Whitaker and Usher. The good thing about it is this movie is in the beginning stages, so the role hasn’t been given to any one yet. Will we hope we see you on the big screen in this biopic. We know you would have so much passion and do an amazing job.


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