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Things have changed really quickly for Will Smith. Who didn’t love Will Smith before The Oscars? Everyone loved him. He has been Hollywood‘s good guy for so long. Will is a great actor, husband and father. He gives to charities left and right. Not to mention the large number of people he motivates on a daily.

Well things have changed. Hes the bad guy now! That one slap to Chris Rock’s face is causing him to possibly lose millions. Many are describing his image now as being tarnished. Is this career ending? Who knows but I think we will find out shortly. The Oscar’s are still trying to figure out what his punishment should be. Now many of his projects are on the line, six movies have been put on pause due to his actions.

Will has of course apologized and said he’s going to counseling but that doesn’t seem to have changed many fans minds about his actions.

People are upset and “cancel culture“is real. Let’s hope he can still walk away from this with a career. Personaly I think give it some time and people will forgive and forget.

Here is a list of the projects that have been paused by Sony and Netflix! We are at 6 movies right now.

Bad Boys 4,

Karate Kid 2

Hancock 2

Fast and Loose

The Council”

Bright 2

Needless to say Will Smith has learned a valuable lesson. You have to keep your hands to yourself. especially when millions of people are watching on live tv. We would think he would already know this but I guess not🤷🏽‍♀️

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