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WTH? Shots fired on the set of Tekashi69, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj video set.

They were making the video to their latest hit at a $80 million Beverly Hills home that they rented out. The house was going to be the backdrop for the music video. At 10:25 police were called because shots were fired. It looks like it was a drive by. Kanye West and Tekashi69 were in the house but Nicki wasn’t there yet. We don’t have any suspects or motive yet, but this is very alarming because whoever fired the shoots knew Tekashi69’s schedule. Kanye immediate left and the video shoot was cancelled. Everyone was really shaking up including the staff. We don’t know when the video is rescheduled for, but I bet they will keep the location secret. I wouldn’t take the chance, I mean this is life or death. Tekashia69 is on probation but this incident won’t go against him since he was a victim.


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